Taming the List

It literally takes forever to get through the grocery store with a crazy, disorganized list.  In addition, I always bring coupons with me when I shop so I’m generally juggling the purse, grocery lists, coupon books, pen and cell phone.  Basically, it is a bit of a hodge-podge mess.  And don’t even get me started on BOGO (buy one get one free) days.  So after searching online and doing some massive tailoring, I came up with this grocery list that is organized by food group, aisle, etc.  Feel free to edit and tailor to your needs…it’s in a word document.

grocery-list-personalized blog


COR Silver…a jewel of a soap.

I have several friends who are addicted to various shopping ventures…shoes, perfumes/fragrances, jeans, lbd’s–I however, have a weakness for The Skin Store.  It has an amazing selection of hard to find body and face care products that I have to occasionally  partake in.  While a lot of their products are simply AMAZING, they are quite pricey so it is a shopping experience that I have to really pick and choose carefully from.  My head says “I want this and this and this”  but my wallet says differently.  My latest little purchase (and I say little because the item was quite little when it arrived) arrived in a cute little box made of a plexiglass material.   Nice little packaging if you ask me.  The name: COR silver soap.  It is a ball of soap, slightly smaller than a golf ball, having a glycerin like texture.  It stays encased in its little plexi container after each use…very convenient.  Like the name hints at, it contains silver and seems to contain some pretty interesting properties to keep the skin in tip-top shape.  Even though the soap ball itself is on the small side, a little really, really goes a long way.  And it does indeed leave your skin super soft with an improved overall texture.  This has become a favorite!!  Check it out!  www.skinstore.com/p-9266-cor-silver-soap.aspx

I’ll take one of each please…

Each month I put away a little money so that I can make a purchase for the cabin every so many months from one of my favorite magazines, Black Forest Decor.  They have the most amazing items for rustic living and I salivate over each item as if it were the first time I’ve looked over their merchandise.  The hardest part is actually deciding which item(s) to pick.  They have a heavier price point on many of their items but they are of excellent quality and I really enjoy their not so run-of-the-mill offerings.  Lets face it.  As much as I love my local Target, they will never offer bear salt and pepper shakers or an antler and barrel pub table with leather bar stools.  However, I DO love my Target-bought rustic wooden bowl that I received as a gift.  It was crafted from stumpage left behind by logging and works pretty nifty for storage of the car keys when you walk in the front door.  Anywho, feel free to take a gander at Black Forest Decor and let me know your favorites.  The hardest part is picking a favorite.  I often fantasize about the day that “my ship comes in” and I’m able to simply say, I’ll take one of each please.    http://www.blackforestdecor.com/

Mother’s Day IS good!

  So for years now I’ve watched greedily as my mother and my Aunt BB shared their love of their Vera Bradley purses.  My Aunt gets momma one every year and I couldn’t wait until I could get one for myself.  So for Mother’s Day my son and I set out for Columbus, Ga and came across this cute little shop called Traditions.  They have wonderful things…check them out here: http://www.traditionscolumbus.com/  Once I entered the store and saw The Vera’s everywhere; I knew I had hit the jackpot.  I picked out this on-the-go bag due to the colors (named ‘make me blush’)and because it had the strap option…worn on the shoulder or across the chest should the wearer so desire.  And this wearer does!  This mom loves to shop hands-free!