Coupon Binders

   I’ve been trying to streamline the process for coupon usage at the grocery store.  It seemed like the only available thing offered at my local Target and Staples were the small, flimsy expandable envelopes.  Totally un-userfriendly.  With all the coupons I carried in my envelope, it was like wrestling a wildcat trying to get each one out.  So I searched the web and came across this site:   A great mom came up with a system of organization with binders and differing vinyl pages for the coupons to be inserted in.  I loved all the page sizes offered and promptly made the investment on a cute green and black one to help with my coupon organization woes.  Can’t wait to get it.


Coupon Gold!!

So I’m super siked to have immersed myself into the world of coupon clipping.  I saw on a commercial the other day that a woman was such an avid coupon clipper that she could get in and out of her local grocer’s with over $300 worth of groceries for about 30 bucks.  I couldn’t figure it out.  How in the world did this lady do it????  The challenge for me was I know what my family likes and what kind of foods I like to cook for said family and I can rarely find coupons for 1/4 or even a 1/2 of my grocery list.  So then that leads me to believe that maybe she planned all her meals and snacks around only what was available via coupons.  Hmmm…not sure I want to go that route.   We like what we like, ya know?  But still, I’m intrigued by this woman’s story and savings, so I decided to put myself up for that challenge!  My first couple go’s were just simple savings.  $10-$15 in savings on a typical $140 grocery bill.  Ok, but not great.  This frustrated me and I knew it was time to get down and dirty with this money-saving project.  After all, I owed it to my hard working husband and our child!  So the past few weeks I utilized coupons from magazines (which I already subscribed to) and the local Wednesday newspaper (cost: only a measly quarter, thank you very much) and our Sunday paper ads (cost: a buck and 1/2).  In addition, I solicited fantastic coupon sites from across the web and before you know it, CHA-CHING.   Here’s a list of my recent cost-savings from my Coupon Gold:

EarthFare Organic Grocery: Purchase- $24.58  Coupons Submitted-$8.59   TOTAL SPENT$15.20

EarthFare Organic Grocery: Purchase- $30.08  Coupons Submitted-$17.82  TOTAL SPENT:  $13.06

Kroger Grocery: Purchase-$256.74   Coupons Submitted + Instore Coupons-$43.00  TOTAL SPENT: $213.74


Ok, so they weren’t free groceries but $69.41 is a FREE tank of gas for my vehicle and my family and I are mighty thankful for it!   Stay tuned as  my coupon clipping adventures continue…