Making the Cut

Due to the infestation of pine beetles, it was time to do some major eradication of some trees on the property.  These little monsters infest quickly so we felt it best to cut them off at the path before they spread to the rest of our timber.  We decided just to have several sections clear cut so that way we can plant grass and raise several beef for self-sufficiency.  Watching the cutting process is really interesting believe it or not and I captured it with my little camera by each day’s progress.  Thus far, we are at the end of day two.  There will be several photos where a couple critters decided to ‘photo bomb’ the entire proceedings with excitement.  You’ll have to excuse them.

Equipment Check. Check!

Warning!! He does not have a license to operate this.

First Tract to be cut

This is ‘Bad Tree’. Upon request, the first to go. ‘Bad Tree’ loved to play ‘slip/slap’ upon the face and body while bushhogging in the general vincity. Take that Bad Tree.

Track Two to be cut

This tree won’t be cut. I just loved the color of the leaves and wanted to show you some beauty. I think I see Heaven.

And….there it is. Photo Bomb Joy. Hello Joy-Joy.

Riley practicing his ‘Walk The Plank” routine.

Day Two Tract One Cut

Day Two Tract One Back Side Cutting


More Progress.

Happy Excitement Personified…aptly named ‘Joy’.

Day Two Cuttings

That’s the end of day two progress.  Lots done today with about 3 1/2 – 4 loads ready to head to the mill.  Will post more later and update our progress.


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