COR Silver…a jewel of a soap.

I have several friends who are addicted to various shopping ventures…shoes, perfumes/fragrances, jeans, lbd’s–I however, have a weakness for The Skin Store.  It has an amazing selection of hard to find body and face care products that I have to occasionally  partake in.  While a lot of their products are simply AMAZING, they are quite pricey so it is a shopping experience that I have to really pick and choose carefully from.  My head says “I want this and this and this”  but my wallet says differently.  My latest little purchase (and I say little because the item was quite little when it arrived) arrived in a cute little box made of a plexiglass material.   Nice little packaging if you ask me.  The name: COR silver soap.  It is a ball of soap, slightly smaller than a golf ball, having a glycerin like texture.  It stays encased in its little plexi container after each use…very convenient.  Like the name hints at, it contains silver and seems to contain some pretty interesting properties to keep the skin in tip-top shape.  Even though the soap ball itself is on the small side, a little really, really goes a long way.  And it does indeed leave your skin super soft with an improved overall texture.  This has become a favorite!!  Check it out!


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