I’ll take one of each please…

Each month I put away a little money so that I can make a purchase for the cabin every so many months from one of my favorite magazines, Black Forest Decor.  They have the most amazing items for rustic living and I salivate over each item as if it were the first time I’ve looked over their merchandise.  The hardest part is actually deciding which item(s) to pick.  They have a heavier price point on many of their items but they are of excellent quality and I really enjoy their not so run-of-the-mill offerings.  Lets face it.  As much as I love my local Target, they will never offer bear salt and pepper shakers or an antler and barrel pub table with leather bar stools.  However, I DO love my Target-bought rustic wooden bowl that I received as a gift.  It was crafted from stumpage left behind by logging and works pretty nifty for storage of the car keys when you walk in the front door.  Anywho, feel free to take a gander at Black Forest Decor and let me know your favorites.  The hardest part is picking a favorite.  I often fantasize about the day that “my ship comes in” and I’m able to simply say, I’ll take one of each please.    http://www.blackforestdecor.com/


2 responses

  1. Craig and I just looked at all of the house pics, oh my goodness….I had not seen a few of the pics. You did such a great job decorating!!!! We need to visit….lol…would love for it to be soon, but probably not…:-( I want another Thanksgiving weekend…. 😉

    • Thanks ‘Nette. Yes, wish you all could come down. We miss you! We could hit the beach for a few days as well! (I’ll bring the turkey! :o) )

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