Coupon Gold!!

So I’m super siked to have immersed myself into the world of coupon clipping.  I saw on a commercial the other day that a woman was such an avid coupon clipper that she could get in and out of her local grocer’s with over $300 worth of groceries for about 30 bucks.  I couldn’t figure it out.  How in the world did this lady do it????  The challenge for me was I know what my family likes and what kind of foods I like to cook for said family and I can rarely find coupons for 1/4 or even a 1/2 of my grocery list.  So then that leads me to believe that maybe she planned all her meals and snacks around only what was available via coupons.  Hmmm…not sure I want to go that route.   We like what we like, ya know?  But still, I’m intrigued by this woman’s story and savings, so I decided to put myself up for that challenge!  My first couple go’s were just simple savings.  $10-$15 in savings on a typical $140 grocery bill.  Ok, but not great.  This frustrated me and I knew it was time to get down and dirty with this money-saving project.  After all, I owed it to my hard working husband and our child!  So the past few weeks I utilized coupons from magazines (which I already subscribed to) and the local Wednesday newspaper (cost: only a measly quarter, thank you very much) and our Sunday paper ads (cost: a buck and 1/2).  In addition, I solicited fantastic coupon sites from across the web and before you know it, CHA-CHING.   Here’s a list of my recent cost-savings from my Coupon Gold:

EarthFare Organic Grocery: Purchase- $24.58  Coupons Submitted-$8.59   TOTAL SPENT$15.20

EarthFare Organic Grocery: Purchase- $30.08  Coupons Submitted-$17.82  TOTAL SPENT:  $13.06

Kroger Grocery: Purchase-$256.74   Coupons Submitted + Instore Coupons-$43.00  TOTAL SPENT: $213.74


Ok, so they weren’t free groceries but $69.41 is a FREE tank of gas for my vehicle and my family and I are mighty thankful for it!   Stay tuned as  my coupon clipping adventures continue…


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