Look for the jonquils…

As I was sitting wondering what my day was to be like this morning…I was somewhat blue with the realization that rain was in the latter day forecast.  Yuck.  This means no housebuilding today…which is our current focus.  Ah, well ::insert sigh:: no building to be done today.  As I relented to just let the gray day settle in to my bones, I looked out the window and my eyes landed on the most beautiful set of yellow jonquils.  I was quickly reminded of whom was REALLY in charge of my day and determined to change my outlook.  Now, it is evening and the rain is sleepily intoxicating and has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  Relaxing in its cadence as each drop hits our roof.  Nighty-night time.  Tomorrow, maybe I’ll remember to look for the jonquils first…


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