Why do dogs fall in love?

Today consisted of PTO fundraising (chocolate sales, cookbook sales and cooking knives sales) and how to squeeze them in to each projected month in order to have the most successful sales profits for the school.  Ugh.  Just when you think you’ve got it down…somebody comes along and disagrees.  That should not be allowed in my opinion.   Because I’ve spent the entire day immersed in the above subject(s), I have neglected addressing my daily chores of laundry, dishes and dog-walking.  The latter being most important.  I have two lively dachshunds who require lots of attention and exercise.  If I fail to deliver this, I have both depressed and/or hyper doggies for evening/night time.  Which leads to them entertaining each other in the middle of the night which really means annoying me to the point of exhausted insomnia with their tom-foolery.  To separate them means an all night venue of raucous and desperate howling for their mate.  All for the sake of love.  It is a shame that I couldn’t just skip their required needs and let them loose tonight with both dishrag and detergent in paw.  Problem solved.


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